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The Miracle Tech Interview Guide for New Grads

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Skip over all the fluffy blog post bull crap. In this guide I provide the questions I was asked during my interviews at companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

Often neglected in guides online is how to interview at startups. I accepted an offer at a San Francisco startup and will share the nuance of interviewing with a startup. I also share the channels I used to reach them.

Why should I listen to you?

Amazon Offer

Microsoft Offer

Here are links to the offer letters I received from Amazon and Microsoft. Both offers were 6 figures with sign on bonuses and stock options. In addition to receiving offers at blue chip companies, I've interviewed close to a hundred candidates myself since starting full time and can give additional perspective as an interviewer.


What do I get?

✅ The exact questions I received when interviewing with Amazon + Microsoft

✅ A guide for how to study for technical interviews

✅ A negotiation guide post offer

✅ My college resume

$29 sounds a little pricey, doesn't it?

Engineering offers are worth many thousands of dollars in cash compensation alone, not to mention the stock options, health benefits, and the launching board they offer as a first job out of school. When interviewing, you want every advantage you can get and losing out on $112k annually + $80k in stock + a $26k sign-on bonus is much more painful than parting with $29.

Last thing, if this guide and repository of real interview questions doesn't meet your expectations, then send me an email and I’ll give you your money questions asked!

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The Miracle Tech Interview Guide for New Grads

2 ratings
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